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The Super Savings Magazine
is a division of Printgraphics, Inc.



Covering parts or all of the following Zip Codes:
85310, 85308, 85382, 85383,
85083, 85032, 85028, 85254.

Covering parts or all of the following cities:
Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale.


Median household income: $80,323
Owner occupied homes: 84%

Renter occupied homes: 16%

Homes with swiming pools: 53%
Median age (years): 40.7
21 years and over: 60%
62 years and over: 9%
65 years and over: 8%

Family households: 66%
Married-couple family: 47%
Households with children under 18 years: 40%
Average family size: 3.39